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VoIP Monitor TopView product range

Total VoIP analysis for accurate decision-making

VoIP Monitor develops and markets a unique set of reporting products that allow simple and flexible analysis of calls made through the VoIP gateway. With VoIP Monitor TopView Reports and TopView Alert there’s no hassle of additional technology. Our solutions require no costly hardware, time-consuming software installation, training or additional staff. By directly accessing your CDRs (call data records) we can provide in-depth and comprehensive reports providing a birds-eye overview of your VoIP call history.

VoIP Monitor:

  • Saves you money
  • Controls your outbound call rates
  • Shows you who’s calling who, when and how
  • Alerts you immediately to toll fraud or line hijacking
  • Provides accurate data for internal cost distribution
  • Identifies peak call periods

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Do you know who’s calling who? 


Stop toll fraud and line hijacking now! 

  • VoIP Monitor TopView Reports keeps phone costs down
  • Pinpoint detail to show if your phones are being used for business or pleasure
  • VoIP Monitor TopView Alert alerts you to intrusions
  • You set the call thresholds – we tell you if they’re being exceeded

Need help?

At VoIP Monitor we understand that not everyone has immediate access to technical know-how.  Our friendly team of Professional Services technical consultants is available to help with configuration issues, network enquiries and all things VoIP. 

How does it work?

VoIP Monitor is an integrated service over the internet.  No dedicated hardware, annual software fees, staff training or monitoring required.  A simple, cost-effective process that lets you get on with your day-to-day business, whilst we take care of your VoIP reporting.

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