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VoIP Monitor TopView Reports

The scale of the problem

Telephone calls can be one of the biggest daily run-away costs in any organization. Without controls employees can, unwittingly or not, abuse the system by making long and expensive calls to high-rate numbers at peak times. Calls can be routed in any manner – rather than using the cheapest alternative available – and it can be an almost impossible task trying to disseminate bills for accurate internal cost allocation.

How VoIP Monitor TopView can help

VoIP Monitor TopView reports helps you control these issues and see exactly how much your VoIP call infrastructure is really costing you. And, unlike other packages, with VoIP Monitor you don’t have to purchase a dedicated hardware or software set-up. CDRs (Call Detail Records) are collected at your VoIP Gateway and transmitted over the internet direct to our data center for processing and report production. The setup is so straightforward that our friendly team of technical consultants can perform the required integration work within hours – bringing your VoIP calls under control. Why not sign up today to take advantage of the following:

  • Ease of use – no new software, costly hardware or additional staff training
  • Fast – all data transmitted in real-time over the internet using RADIUS protocol
  • Secure option – encryption of RADIUS traffic with VPN is available if required
  • Frequent updates – reports emailed to you on 1st of every month
  • Overview – detailed listings on key metrics by call station, department, building, campus, country and organization
  • Control – ability to make informed decisions and take action

How we do this

Data is automatically collected from your VoIP Gateway. Once transferred to the VoIP Monitor Data Center, the information is validated, normalized and consolidated into our database system. From this database the PDF reports are generated and emailed to you on a monthly basis. As simple and easy as that! All you have to do is chose which VoIP Monitor TopView report suits you best, find out more about VoIP Monitor TopView Standard and VoIP Monitor TopView Premium .

Complete call history

VoIP Monitor TopView reports give detailed analysis of all your VoIP phone stations. Data is provided in easy-to-read PDF reports including the following key criteria:

  • Accounting ID
  • Connect and disconnect times
  • Session time in seconds and minutes
  • Calling and called station
  • Call type
  • Release source

Why not sign up now?

  • There are no contracts to sign
  • You can change your report requirement at any time
  • The first month is free!








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