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Toll fraud and line hijacking

Unfortunately phone systems are prone to attack and unscrupulous individuals are always waiting for the opportunity to find an unprotected VoIP line.  Once a line has been identified, they waste no time in hijacking it to start making expensive overseas and high-rate calls.  In one instance where such a fraud took place, the company concerned was faced with an enormous bill after 10,000+ calls were made using their VoIP telephone system!  Not something any of us want to encounter.

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How VoIP Monitor TopView Alert can help

VoIP Monitor TopView Alert is an add-on service to TopView reports. It works by monitoring the number of outbound calls made. You decide your daily amount of outbound calls and TopView Alert checks the number of calls made against this figure. Should the number of calls made exceed your limit an immediate alert email is sent to a designated person for action. A simple service that safeguards your organization from a costly telephone bill and a potential serious security breach. And, unlike most other packages available, VoIP Monitor TopView doesn’t require any dedicated hardware or costly software. Our solution is a simple and secure internet integration process into your VoIP Gateway. Even better, our friendly team of technical consultants can carry out the required integration work within hours to ensure you are safely protected from toll fraud.

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  • Immediate alerts – email sent the moment your call threshold is exceeded
  • Ease of use – no software, hardware or additional staff training
  • Control – ability to make informed decisions and take relevant action











How the process works

Outbound call data is automatically collected from your VoIP Gateway.  At the VoIP Monitor Data Center, the number of calls is registered and checked against your pre-set figures.  If that number is breached – an automatic alert email is immediately sent to your designated staff member. 

As simple and easy as that!  All you have to do is sign up for one of the VoIP Monitor TopView reports and add VoIP Monitor TopView Alert to your subscription.  To find out which TopView report package suits you best, check out VoIP Monitor TopView Standard and VoIP Monitor TopView Premium.

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