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VoIP Monitor is now recruiting!

VoIP Monitor is actively looking to grow its TopView customer base worldwide over the next few months . To help meet our goals we are now recruiting new partners across all countries. Choose the partner program that suits you:

and sign up as a VoIP Monitor partner today!





VoIP Monitor Affiliate

Individuals and organizations alike can become affiliate partners.  There are dozens of ways to drive business and make money: upload a link on your website, pass on referrals, recommend us to your customers and prospects, network with your colleagues and business contacts, and more! 

How it works
  1. You sign up as an Affiliate partner
  2. You introduce a customer to VoIP Monitor
  3. Your customer signs up for 1 or more TopView products
  4. After 3 months of continuous customer sign up you receive a one-time commission fee

Benefits of becoming a VoIP Monitor affiliate

  • Provide your customers with additional services
  • Extra income
  • No extra work for you, VoIP Monitor communicates directly with the client/end customer
  • Minimal modifications to your website and working methods

What VoIP Monitor provides to your customer

  • Data collection, configuration and report generation
  • Emailing of monthly reports directly to the client
  • Professional Services assistance for audits, system checks and integration (if required)
  • Support for technical issues and problems

See below for sign up details!

VoIP Monitor Reseller

If you want to keep direct communications with your customers plus handle any extra technical work, this is the partner program for you. 

How it works
  1. You sign up as an Reseller
  2. You sell VoIP Monitor TopView products to your customers and receive a discount on each product you sell
  3. You continue the relationship with your client and look after the configuration, setup, integration and support
  4. VoIP Monitor provides the monthly reports from the client CDR data
  5. You benefit from any consulting or professional services fees
  6. VoIP Monitor only contacts you, never your end customer
Benefits of becoming a VoIP Monitor Reseller
  • You maintain the relationship with your customer
  • Opportunity to generate additional income from the implementation service
  • You benefit from any additional such as consulting or professional services
  • VoIP Monitor looks after the technical issues of monthly report generation and data processing
What VoIP Monitor provides
  • Reseller support for technical issues and problems
  • Data collection/mediation and report generation from your customer
  • Emailing of monthly reports to you (the Reseller)
  • Additional materials on how to sell and support VoIP Monitor TopView products
  • 2nd level support for the Reseller to answer customer questions and troubleshooting
  • Marketing materials including product data sheets and sample reports
How do I become a partner?

To be part of this exciting new program contact us to register your interest and we will get back to you to finalize the details.