VoIP Monitor provides monitoring and reporting tools for call analysis with pinpoint accuracy. Specializing in VoIP technology for Cisco Systems Voice Gateways we can:

  • Reduce phone system expenses
  • Bring call costs under control
  • Alert you of attempted telephone line assaults and hijacks
  • Provide reports by station, user, department, building, campus or country

Quick, easy and cost effective

VoIP Monitor TopView reports and TopView Alert provide key metrics that lets you see exactly who is calling who, when and how. Our solution can be integrated into your system in a matter of hours giving you complete control of your VoIP phone calls.

  • No sign up fees
  • No contracts to sign – cancel whenever you want
  • Free reports for your first month!
  • No software or hardware purchases
Why pay more for software and hardware you need to continually update and maintain? Sign up for VoIP Monitor TopView Reports today!
CDR collection, processing, consolidation for easy-to-read, in-depth call reports!
Find out how our qualified and experienced technical team can help with configuration or setup issues.

VoIP Monitor simplifies the process of collecting and processing Call Detail Records (CDRs) to generate easy to read reports for decision makers. Find out more at:

  • TopView Reports – select the VoIP reporting service that meets your need
  • TopView Alert – immediate notification of possible toll fraud or line hijacking

Find out how cost-effective the TopView service is.  PLUS your first month’s reports are free of charge!